SPHE – Module 3

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Social, Personal & Health Education & the Burren


SPHE Pupil Worksheet 3A
Diet and Food

Strand: Myself
Strand Unit: Taking care of my body
Food and Nutrition: Knowing about my body

Encourage the children to:

  • Appreciate the importance of good food andnutrition in staying fit and healthy and the significance of good eating habits.
  • Realise the importance of personal responsibility when eating a healthy and balanced diet.

To Do:
Ask the pupils to list a traditional recipe which their parents or grand-parents enjoy; indicate how many of the ingredients are sourced and grown within the general area of your locality?


SPHE Pupil Worksheet 3B
Burren activities and a healthy lifestyle

Strand: Myself
Strand Units:
Taking care of my body – Health and well being
Safety and Protection – Making decisions.
To Do:
Recognising the importance of regular exercise, ask the class to draw up a three day fitness schedule based on the Burren activities outlined in worksheet 3B, along with an accompanying dietary sheet. Ask them to outline the benefits and meaning of fitness as well as listing what safety equipment and precautions they should take while participating in some of the pursuits of the Burren. This will help to develop a responsible attitude towards the prevention of accidents and know what to do if an accident occurs. The Burren has a rich cultural soul but also a great sporting heart. Emphasis should be placed on the balance between the importance of being healthy in life and sport.


SPHE Pupil Worksheet 3C
Brehon Law

Strand: Myself and the wider world
Strand Units:
Developing citizenship
Living in the local community

Content Objective:
Under the strand unit of ‘Developing Citizenship’ pupils explore the diversity of the world in which they live. They are also encouraged to learn about their own traditions and culture. Under the Lámha Suas SPHE Pupil Worksheet 3C, the children learn about the ancient democratic processes of Ireland under the Brehon laws. It sets a context for their understanding of the mechanisms of contemporary democracy, including Bunreacht na hÉireann, and they become aware of various democratic roles. Through this the child is encouraged to become an active and responsible citizen who understands the  unterdependent nature of the world in which he/she lives, as well as the traditions which have helped to shape it. Cahermacnaughten in the Burren was the pre-eminent Gaelic law school in Ireland until the demise of the old Irish systems in the seventeenth century.
Suggested Activities:

Using the Lámha Suas SPHE Pupil Worksheet 3C, dramatise a Brehon law setting, perhaps based on the Burren Centre Court of True or False. This can be adopted to incorporate Myself and the wider world and the strand unit, Relating to others.


SPHE Pupil Worksheet 3D
The Burren Code

Strand: Myself and the wider world
Strand Units:
Developing citizenship
The Burren Code is a modern set of rules which seeks to protect the Burren’s irreplaceable habitat. Codes of behaviour bind citizens to a common set of agreed principles for the betterment of all.

To Do:

Encourage the pupils to reach group decisions by consensus and develop a code which honours and helps protect the heritage of your location. Discuss whether a similar code is already in place for the locality and if so, whether it can be improved, e.g. the gathering of folklore, the meaning of Irish placenames.