Burren Eco Tourism and Guided Walk Package.


The Burren Eco Centre and guided walk with Tony Kirby  provides information and educates tourists on our natural and cultural heritage, publicise current events and programs, and serve as an education/outreach centre for both local and tourists. Since the inception of The Burren Centre in 1975 guides at the Centre have had the privilege of interacting with many nature  travellers from all parts of the world. People who come to  the Burren are very interested in walking holidays and to this end we have teamed up with local man Tony Kirby who brings the visitors outdoors and guides them to sensitive areas of the Burren and thus minimizes the damage and negative impact to the naturalness of the Burren.

The role of The Burren Center is  to prepare carefully before leaving by  education and then the visitors can make their own decisions in consultation with our guides and choose responsible options to minimize their impact on the landscape. Tony Kirby is a noted authority on the Burren and he knows the Burren destination, its wildlife, unique environmental stresses, ecotourism opportunities and is a protector for the environment. Our educational programme helps to develop an awareness of and concern for the local environment and its associated problems. With knowledge people will have the attitude motivation, commitment and skills to work individually and collectively towards future sustainability and conservation. It is important to educate people that humankind is an inseparable part of the ecosystem and whatever humans do may alter their surroundings. We provide information on our natural environments including different ecosystems, geology, unique plants and animals in the Burren conservation initiatives, nature events and education programs. Additional information such as maps, interpretation brochure, trail and park guides, and magazines are available for visitor  at our Tourist information Point.

We also provide cultural information including  historic sites, historic landmarks, heritage and cultural organisations, population statistics, farming, ranching, forestry,  and current cultural events. The Burren Eco Centre is a one stop shop for general tourism information and eco tour packages available in the Burren region. We have environmentally sustainable practices and  The Burren Centre is situate at  the Gateway to the unique Burren region. We are a member of Burren Beo Trust. We benefit local communities by employing local people thus ensuring that the local economy benefits.


Tony Kirby Walk            €20.00
Visit to The Burren Centre          €6.00 (ind)
Group Rates are also available.
Packages tailored to suit individual groups by prior arrangement.
Walks available on Saturday, Sunday Tuesday  and Thursday  during the summer months.
The Burren Centre open daily from mid March to  mid October.


Meet outside The Burren Centre, Kilfenora at 12.30p.m.
Visit the Burren Centre Exhibition and  Film.
Relax and enjoy a light lunch at The Burren Centre Tea Rooms.
Meet Tony Kirby outside  The Burren Centre at 2p.m.
Guided walk lasting 2.5 hours.


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14th. March 2014


31st October 2014.

March, April, May, September and October

Open Daily 10 am - 5.00pm



June, July and August
Open Daily 9.30am - 5.30pm


Please phone 065-7088030 for bookings outside the advertised

hours of opening or email us at info@theburrencentre.ie