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The Burren Craft Shop is creatively designed, bright and very spacious. Gifts on Sale in the Burren Centre Craft Shop are largely hand made rather than machine made and mass produced. Traditional crafts are beautifully displayed in a modern brightly lit and well-designed craft shop.


For all visitors to Kilfenora it would be unthinkable to travel home without bringing gifts back to family and friends-so a visit to our Craft Shop is a must.

Hand Knitted Sweaters, Galway Crystal, Linen, Traditional Porcelain Dolls are sure to hold considerable appeal for the visitors in the fact that they are clearly and identifiably Irish. All goods are competitively priced, many hand made and have a charming rustic appeal.


Particular attention is paid to lightweight gifts which are easily packed like the Irish linen. A comprehensive selection of books on all aspects of the Burren and its environs are available at very reasonable prices.


The friendly and caring staff will ensure that you will recommend our Craft Shop to family and friends.







1. The Burren And The Aran Islands: Exploring The Archaeology by Carlton Jones.

2. Temples of Stone: Exploring the Megalithic Tomb... by Carleton Jones.

3. The Burren & The Aran Islands: A Walking Guide by Tony Kirby.

4. Flora Hibernia by Jonathan Pilcher and Valerie Hall.

5. The Burren by Mary Angela Keane.

6. The Book of the Burren by Anna Korff

7. Wild Plants of the Burren and the Aran Islands by Charles Nelson.

8. Ecoescape by Catherine Mack.

9. Natural History of the Burren by Gordon Darcy.

10.The Outlandish World of the Burren by Cyril of Ceirin.

11.Exploring the limestone  and landscapes of the Burren and the Gort Lowlands

    By Mike Simms.   



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