To Begin to discover the secrets of the Burren, a walk through the Burren Centre Exhibition is essential. Beautifully presented, with atmospheric lighting and sounds, the story of the Burren unfolds before your eyes, revealing the history of man and animals and how they co-existed in this apparently inhospitable place. The Burren with its innate sense of spiritual peace has an extraordinary array of flora and wildlife, megalithic tombs and monuments older than Egypt's pyramids.


This journey through time will take you back through the aeons to a time when this area lay beneath a warm tropical sea. Follow the story of the formation of the Burren's lunar landscape where man hunted bear, and wolves roamed the forests.

See how, thousands of years ago, man left his mark on the landscape in the form of Dolmens and burial chambers.

They still stand today, stone sentinels at the gates of our civilisation's history. Take the journey with us, watch history unfold in front of your eyes, listen to the sounds and feel the atmosphere of thousands of years ago.

The innovative centre piece of the new exhibition deals with, combining up to date design technology with a 3D map of the Burren region.
The model allows guides to tailor visits to the interests of individuals and groups. From 320mllion years ago up to modern times information is accessible at the touch of a button. This model is not meant to replace visits to the Burren but to encourage visitors to explore the mysteries and complexities of this unique landscape and we believe that this model is so inspiring and innovative that visitors will want to explore further for themselves.

The 3D model is designed to combine knowledge, create a sense of fun and excitement while encouraging visitors to explore the rich diversity of Burren flora and fauna and the history of man in the Burren landscape. The Burren Centre prides itself on providing a high quality visitor experience, exciting design and the latest technology for the visitor and the 3D model is sure to impress, inform and educate the visitor.


The Burren is the largest expanse of Limestone Pavement anywhere in the world.

The Irish for Burren is Bhoireann:

"a stony place".

The Burren limestone's were laid down at the end of the Lower Carboniferous period. Several beds of limestone are exposed, each with classic pavement features

Pavements are bare expanses of limestone rock with deep cracks (grykes) between blocks (clints) of limestone.Solution weathering has opened up the natural jointing pattern of the rock. In the Burren, many pavements have a stepped appearance, with successive beds of rock exposed.


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