On your visit to the Burren Centre, you will be invited to view a comprehensive film by world renowned environmentalist and much admired film producer, Eamon de Buitlear. This film traces the story of the formation of the Burren 320 million years ago. Discover how the limestone pavement was formed, and why Alpine, Artic and Mediterranean plants which require different climatic conditions grow side by side in such abundance on the fertile rock.


Eamon de Buitlear splendidly covers in film the unique interaction of the Burren's seaboard with the Atlantic Ocean. The Burren is one of the few areas in the world where a karst environment interacts with an Ocean. The submarine life is wonderfully portrayed at the beginning of his film.

To appreciate the special depth and breathtaking quality of the film you must visit the Burren Centre for yourself and relax in our purpose built auditorium. Sample all the visual and audio delights that are available.


True to the spirit of the European Community we offer our presentation in six languages.
Our staff look forward to seeing you and will work very hard to ensure your visit is both a pleasing and worthwhile.


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