Kilfenora Cathedral

This famed Cathedral was dedicated to St. Fachtnan and built in about 1189 on the site of an early monastery.


Not only has this picturesque village it's own medieval Cathedral but can also claim the Pope as Bishop. (The Cathedral is adjacent to The Burren Centre).


The Cathedral is of architectural interest and contains some fine carvings, on grave slabs and on windows and doorways in the form of stone heads.Within the Church of Ireland, Kilfenora is united with the Diocese of Limerick.

Kilfenora's importance as a religious centre is underlined by the presence of five High Crosses. The Doorty Cross being the most famous of the crosses.


Kilfenora, known as "the city of the Seven Crosses"}, boasts one of the greatest concentrations of high crosses in Ireland, including the famed "Doorty Cross".


Kilfenora's Irish name: Cill Fhionnurach translated means Church of the fair white brow
South East of the town is Cross Hill where, as the name suggests, stood one of Kilfenora's seven High Crosses


The Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands have recently allocated one million Irish pounds to ensure continued conservation and preservation of the Cathedral, Crosses and Cemetery. In future more information will be available for visitors concerning the Cathedral and Crosses within the roofed section.

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