The Burren

The word “Burren” comes from an Irish word “Boireann” meaning a rocky place and it's a limestone paradise on the Wild Atlantic Way. The Burren is a wildly diverse ecosystem that awaits any visitor to this corner of County Clare and is filled with the riches of Irish history; of aeons of stories, told and untold.

The naked limestone hills so packed with wildlife, yet so seemingly empty.

The Burren is a treasure store for lovers of wildflowers and wildlife, geology, ancient history, cave systems and magnificent vistas – as recognised in its status as a UNESCO Geopark. It features the largest expanse of limestone pavement in the world. The magic of its stones is reflected in its name – in Irish An Bhoireann, “a stony place”.

“Wildflowers in spring give the Burren brilliant, if ephemeral, colour amid its stark beauty.”- Lonely Planet

The Burren Landscape

The Burren landscape was formed from an accumulation of fish bones and sea shells when the sea covered this area many million years ago. Geologists are offered the endless fascinations of underground rivers, caves, depressions, plateaus, turloughs and conic shaped limestone formations. Archaeologists and historians are enthralled by the wealth of remains from ancient civilizations since the Stone Age.


Botanists from all over the world have failed to answer why flowers not native to the region grow in such profusion, requiring as they do very different climates, why indeed they can grow in such a seemingly bleak and bare terrain. There are over 600 different flowering plants recorded in the Burren, half of the total Irish flora is represented in the Burren region.

Walk the Burren

If you want to see the flowers travelling through the Burren by car is not the answer you must use the pre Christian Green Roads and Walking Trails. The Burren offers some of Irelands most spectacular hikes. There are walks and treks for all abilities Some trails even have a tea room along the way! Stop by our reception to get more information.

Kilfenora Village

In the picturesque village of Kilfenora, The Burren Centre gives the visitor an introduction to the visual delights and ancient mysteries which await to be discovered in this unspoiled corner of Ireland. This walk through time will take you back through the aeons to a time when this area lay beneath a warm tropical sea.

Discover A Different World

A visit to the Burren Centre gives you the insight, information and inspiration for any adventure to the Burren.

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